Since 1999, we, Alan and Tina Louise Balodi, have created online games that entertained and added value to our web portal, UltimateArcade.com and to our client’s web sites whom we created content for. These games and web sites came from our hearts and were designed to entertain while also helping companies increase their brand awareness and interact with their users.

On May 6, 2004 and May 6, 2006, (planned by the Universe) we were blessed with 2 little girls, Isabella Sara and Gabrielle Alexa, who changed our lives and intentions forever. They now help us create game content and they are amazing creative directors!! It is really at times a family business as we all create sound fx and voice overs and we are all beta testers!! Alan and Tina have been co-creators working together in life and then business for almost 18 years since they met at their college dorm.

In addition to the 4 of us, we also create and align ourselves with some of the best developers here (United States) and all over the world who we have the pleasure of working with. We currently focus on developing and publishing casual online games, as well as our newest venture into mobile game development. Please contact us with any questions, projects, collaborations, feedback or ideas! Have a Beautiful Day!


Custom Game Development, Mobile Game Development, 2D/3D, Branded Online Arcades, Online Game Channels, Game Licensing, Game Syndication, Advergame Creators, Edutainment, Social Media Games, Platform Creators, Consciousness, Integrity & Transparency!!